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Welcome to My Website!

Welcome to the start of my personal website that showcases my game designs!

My name is Shawn Liu, and I'm a passionate game developer who loves to polish skills for different aspects of game design. I'm familiar with Level Design, Narrative Design, Scripting and UI/UX Design, and I hope to create fun and creative games!

I wanted to talk a little bit about myself and how I found my passion in games. I remember always liking games as a child, and that my first personal game experience is playing pokemon red and blue on the Gameboy with my brother. From then on, games have always been in my life, and my experiences gradually branched out to various genres and consoles. My love for games sparked after I played Golden Sun. It was the first RPG game I ever finished on my own, and I loved the gameplay experience story. That was probably when I knew, I wanted to make video games.

Unfortunately, life was never as straightforward as we planned. At the start, I was more interested into art design, and loved to draw and create new worlds and characters. However, living in Taiwan, I was expected by my family to take on a more successful job like a doctor or computer programmer, therefore I had to put my dream to the side and try to focus on my studies to meet my family's expectations.

Yet, life seems to give you many opportunities to put you back on your path to the final mission. I was fortunate enough to encounter games again during my undergraduate years, where my major in Digital Technology Design specialized in making games. The experience gave me a whole new light on game development and shifted my interest into game design than art. I also discovered my love for narrative in games, as stories usually helps me to stay on my feet and inspired to make my next project.

Now I'm continuing to hone my skills through taking a graduate degree in the Academy of Art University. I have learned a lot and was able to develop many games that I'm very proud of, and I have showcased them on this website. My passion for games have not changed as what I've experienced as a child, and I can't wait to see what more I can design in the future!

Building this website has been very exciting, especially when looking back at all the games I've already developed so far. It's amazing to see the variety of different styles and genres I have tried, and it takes me back to the design process on how each game is made. I feel extra inspired to keep working on new game projects, and potentially sharing my development process or tips through this website. I'm really excited to continue building this website, and hopefully I can provide inspiration to others as well!

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